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Kickboxing Reports

WTKA European Open Championships

Sunday 26th April
The International Hall
Pond’s Forge

An early start for the Brown Family and Instructor Shane Kent which saw them leaving Brighton at 4am to get to Sheffield for the Weigh In for this Open Competition hosting a range of disciplines through the large area covered.
In Jamie’s Category of 13-14 Year Olds Under 58Kgs K1 Rules there was only himself and one other entrant so Jamie was straight through to the final over 3 x 1 Minute Rounds against Adel from Assassin’s Gym. 
Jamie got kneed in the groin early on in the first round, and was unable to fully recover from this until the third round.  He fought very well against an experienced opponent, but lost the decision.  The first three competitors in any category at this event automatically qualify to attend the World Open Championships in Spain in November, so well done to Jamie.br>



Saturday 25th April
Sussex Coast College, Station Approach, Hastings

Promotions of Andy Chambers and Fighting Tigers Gym, and sanctioned by IKF. Great location at Sussex Coast Collegewhere the ring is in the foyer, and all the changing rooms are located in the tiers above, so great viewing angles.

This show was hosting Kickboxing, K1, Thai - Boxing, and White Collar Boxing Fights. Ron Tse was the first Thai Boxing Bout of the Evening over 5 x 1.5 Minute Rounds (C Class Rules). Ron was on against the far more experienced, taller, and local boy Elliott Hallworth (Fighting Tigers Gym) so we knew this would be a tough fight from the start. This was only Ron’s second Thai Rules fight and he showed great techniques and tenacity throughout this fight, and though the range of Elliott made him a tricky opponent Ron got stronger and better with each round. An accurate knee from Elliott in the fourth round which could have stopped a lot of people seemed to have the reverse effect on Ron who then stepped it up another gear, and produced his best rounds of the fight.  

Justin Crump was up against Elvis Banjos from the well known Red Dragonz gym over 5 x 1.5 Rounds (C Class Rules). Justin was on great form, and controlled the ring and his opponent throughout this fight. He used his legs and knees to effect in clear Thai style defence and counter attack, and his hands connected with power and accuracy in every round. From our corner Justin looked the clear winner, and we were very puzzled when a split decision awarded it to Elvis. I have contacted the IKF and requested that this fight be reviewed such was the certainty held by our experienced Thai Boxing Instructor Marc Brown, Antony Hogbin,  and myself that Justin Crump won this bout.


Rampage Light Continuous Kickboxing Show

Saturday 25th April
King’s Hall, Herne Bay, Kent

Promotions of Chass Wingrove of Predator’s Gym and sanctioned by ICO.Eastbourne Fighters Rafal Gitel, David Sacharczuk, and Junior Charlie Roberts with Instructor Stitch Sayers had a great day at  this smaller daytime show which is ideal for both novice and more experienced fighters with a great atmosphere and only one ring in action throughout the event.  All Eastbourne fighters gave great accounts of themselves. For Rafal and David this was their first decision bout.  Rafal lost on this occasion but took and gave some big shots and will come back a better fighter for it.  David continued to show his potential for the Full Contact Ring further down the line, and showed a nice display of movement and control of the ring. Junior Fighter Charlie had a tough fight, with both boys showing skill and variety in their ringwork and ringcraft. The decision went the other way on this occasion, but further down the line this would make for a good rematch.



Sunday 29th March

Great day at Senjiro, King's Hall, Herne Bay, Kent. Very Enjoyable Interclub put on by Chass Wingrove and his team. Spot on job done by the referee who made all the fighters feel comfortable, and kept the level of contact just right. Kicks Brighton and Kicks Eastbourne making up 50% of the Light Continuous Bouts. Well done to all our fighters who trained really hard in preparation for this Non Decision Event.

Brighton - Natalie Gowing Beckwith, George Hicks (K1)Charlie Hillier, Rich Pack, Adam Stubbs (K1)

Sussex University Kickboxing Club - Ryan Cowper and Alex Smirnov.

Eastbourne - Kym Brook, Mitchell Dennis, Rafal Gitel, Dean Lynch, Maxwell McGerr, Charlie Roberts and David Sacharczak.

Thank you to the club members who came along and supported.

Read more: SENJIRO


Fight Night 4

Saturday 21st March


This was a promotion sanctioned by ICO, and put on by Carl Denne of HKA. It was an excellent show in a superb venue with a great crowd and great atmosphere between the clubs and their supporters. There was a lot of Junior Fights on, and these highlighted the high standards being set now, and also how much the sport has evolved and progressed over the last decade. 

Kicks Fighter Jamie Brown (Age 13) was the only K1 Bout of the evening. This eagerly awaited re-match between Jamie Brown (Kicks) and Joe Shelton (SXF Gym), was requested after the previous fight last month in Chatham, Kent ended in a second round disqualification for Shelton and an automatic win for Jamie Brown. Neither fighters or camps wanted this to be the way a result was achieved, so Carl Denne who was at the Chatham Show agreed on the night to host the re-match.

The first round saw a much faster start from Jamie who very much kept on his front foot, and looked to dominate the ring with fast punch combinations and low kicks.

The second round was a close one to call with both fighters working hard, and with Shelton showing much greater defensive skills.

In the third round Jamie knew he had to finish strong to win the fight, and He worked hard to do this against a strong and worthy opponent.

A good and worthy win to Jamie Brown on a majority decision.

The previous week Kicks Fighter Adam Stubbs (16 Years) fought Rytis Vilons ( Age 31 - TKO Elite) at Battle of Kent 22. This is a Light Continuous and K1 Daytime Event which is held at Lordswood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent. An all out action bout which saw Adam Stubbs take the win, and now look forward to moving onto bigger evening shows.   




Kicks Fighters had an enjoyable day at Colin Payne’s Latest Light Continuous and K1 Event at Lordswood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent. As usual the event was smoothly organised from start to finish. Adam Stubbs and Rytis Vilonis were chosen as the initial K1 bout , and both fighters put on an excellent display of controlled K1 proving it was the right decision to add this style of fighting to these events.

Results as follows:

Win to Adam Stubbs v Rytis Vilonis (TKO Elite)
Win to Ron Tse v Steven Taylor (87 Combat)

Win to Tanith Colburn v Abi Turk (TKO Elite)

Non Decision
Martin Maher v Viliam Sipos (Falcon)



Night of Full Contact, K1 and White Collar Boxing

On Sat 21st Feb Kicks Fighter Jamie Brown was in action at the IKF Sanctioned “Total Combat” at Northwood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent.
These shows are put on by Promoter and IKF Representative Colin Payne of TKO Gym. The Centre was packed to capacity with a fantastic atmosphere and a great line up of fights. Jamie was fighting Joe Shelton (SFX Gym) over 3 x 1.5Min Rounds of Junior K1. This was a keenly anticipated fight between two aspiring Juniors with both national and international experience.

The first round was close with both fighters being slightly cautious and sounding the other one out. A warning was given to Jamie’s opponent by the referee for throwing Jamie as this is not allowed in K1 rules.

In the second round Jamie stepped his pace up and was starting to control the ring and get his combinations in. A strong knee to the body hurt his opponent. This was followed by a further warning to Shelton who threw Jamie again. Jamie continued to press forward and had got his opponent in the corner throwing strong leg kicks. As he went to use his knee, he was again illegally thrown by his opponent. Due to the nature of this last throw, and the potential damage that could have been inflicted Shelton was disqualified, and Jamie’s hand was raised as the winner.

Jamie was pleased with his performance but would have liked the fight to have gone the distance with Shelton. Shelton’s corner were also not happy with their fighter and his performance that evening. Both camps talked that evening and so we are delighted that promoter Carl Denne (HKA) is able to rematch this bout on March 21st at “Fight Night 4” at Hastings Centre. We feel sure that this will be a great re-match between two aspiring young fighters, and will be fought under proper K1 Rules.


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